Designtude Studio was started in late 2010 by Vivek Kharia and Preeti Sharma in Bangalore.

Vivek Kharia is an NIT- Tiruchirappalli and School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi alumni and the principal architect. Preeti Sharma is also an SPA , New Delhi alumni but the non architect. The duo make a formidable combination in having an interdisciplinary approach to their business.

The idea to set up the studio was to create our own garden to nurture our ideas and business plans, sometimes out of box, yet vital to be explored. After all, there is one life!

Design for workplaces is the core of our business. We take great pride in having slowly and surely built our portfolio by working with clients with similar thinking. Our client list includes global firms, home grown companies and start ups, each being important. We encourage, inspire and nurture young architects and professionals in our team to strive towards excellence.

As the company grows, there is a need and desire to experiment with other areas of architecture, product design and services. For now, we are on the road!

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