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How and why to reopen workplaces ?

Economics apart, the most important reason to return to the workplace is for households to get into a normal routine. People are suffering from anxiety and high stress due to lockdowns. Children are suffering, having behavioural issues. It is an abnormal situation, an ill health tsunami. The safety logistics of returning to work needs to be worked in detail.
Smart offices

Smart offices – the time is NOW

How to make return to work safe?
How to reduce costs?
How many seats to plan for if WFH continues?
How many will actually WFH?
Are key spaces being used effectively – meeting rooms, collabs, workstations, breakout?
What is efficient usage?
How can we decide requirements of office of future?
How to define our sustainability goals?
Can we rationalize energy consumption?
Can we implement WFH and truly meet our increased headcount goals without creating a new office?